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Counter Strike 1.6 download - what you need to know?

Free counter strike 1.6 download and all cs 1.6 latest updates What is cs-massacre.eu Well, we are a "pirates" that provides cs 1.6 download - that what haters would say. But we are friendly site, who gives you a free opportunity to play counter strike 1.6 totally free. If you wanted to try this awesome game you can do it now! Cs 1.6 download will not cost to you anything. Only remeber that it's non-steam Counter Strike 1.6.
Before you started your download, please read counter strike 1.6 download instructions and game description. Cs 1.6 is FPS (first person shooter) genre game based on easy graphics. Same game was created in 2003 as Half-Life mod and 2005 was launched first standalone version. Trade mark of Counter Strike 1.6 belongs to Valve corporation. Game contains with gore, terrorism and killing so if your age is below than 18 do not download this game, or ask for your parets permission. Thank you!
Counter-Strike 1.6 game play is simple and have some modules (ordered by maps). Here is some modules: de_ maps: defuse the bomb style module, two teams are fighting between (terrorists and counter terrorists) T point is to plant a bomb and CT must defend plant or defuse the bomb to win. cs_ maps: counter strike maps are hostage rescue type module. CT must lead hostages out of dangerous zone and T must eliminate all CT. Also there is more custom modules, but these two are standard cs 1.6 game play types.

our CS 1.6 client properties Counter Strike 1.6 File size: ~192MB
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Why we created CS-Massacre.eu?

Internet users have the rights to play the best quality games, but internet is spamed with not working games, so we decided to launch CS 1.6 Download site, that people could download good game for free.
We host Counter Strike 1.6 install on high internet speed server, so download speed should be high too. Counter-Strike 1.6 is old game, so it need to be updated - here you will always find only latest version of CS 1.6
If you need more information about Counter Strike 1.6 you can read it here.